When your purse needs repair it can be hard to find the right person to make the repair. Here are some valuable resources to help you find the right purse repair shop.


http://leatherspa.com/ -55 West 55th Street  New York, NY 10019  Phone: 212.262.4823  Fax: 212.262.4780.
Originally from France, owners Carlos and David Mesquita have over 30 years experience in luxury accessories repair and reconditioning.

http://www.coach.com/repair-services.html   – Here is some good info on Coach Repair Services.
Coach products are handcrafted from the finest materials to ensure satisfaction and service. We offer a one year warranty on our handbags, briefcases and small leather goods. For any manufacturing defects within this warranty time frame, repairs are on us. Beyond the warranty period, we offer repair services at set fees. We invite you to bring your item into one of our Coach Retail stores (click herefor locations) for a repair assessment. If unable to visit a Coach store, you may ship your item to Coach for repair assessment.


Handbag Repair & Restoration